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We are JDs, PhDs, and national champions.

We are an accomplished team dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that improve the practice of law. To foster creativity and ingenuity, we’ve built a diverse crew with top talent from the fields of law, computer science, business, physics, math, and even sports.

As passionate as we are about technology, we’re even more passionate about delivering great service. You can call us any time to talk about file formats, features, or reports, and we’ll be as hands-on as you want us to be; we'll aid in production protocol negotiations, data conversions, or reviewer audits. We understand that attorneys live in a world of pressing deadlines, unknown variables, and last minute depositions. We want to save you time and money by delivering the most user-friendly and powerful tools possible.

The nexus of law, design, and technology.

At Everlaw, we bring the superior software experiences you’re used to in your consumer life—the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed of Google and the blissful usability of Apple products—to your litigation toolkit.

We do this by designing with the user in mind. We take existing technologies, like search, and challenge ourselves: “Is this the best experience it can be?” We’ve already created the most intuitive ediscovery review platform, but we’re not stopping there. We continue to look at uncharted areas of litigation and build the tools to tackle them.

We make our home in Berkeley.

Enjoying sweeping views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, we've found the perfect place to call home in downtown Berkeley, California. With our office located only two blocks away from the best public university in the world, UC Berkeley, and close to both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we are never short on ambition, talent, or inspiration.

Careers at Everlaw

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Check out photos of our conference room names, inspired by our favorite TV shows. Guess which ones!

We're a young startup with a real business model (we actually make money) and a bright future. We're changing the way litigation works by combining serious computer science with a cutting-edge user experience.

We host terabytes of data. We're venture funded and profitable. Our company culture is open and democratic.

We're also big nerds. Our CEO has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. We compete with better technology and a deeper understanding of our users' needs.

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