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Information Governance
EDRM (edrm.net)

Cutting-Edge Review

  • Visual Search
  • Instant Search Preview
  • Optimized Review
  • Full Device and Browser Support

Intelligent Analysis

  • Easy Collaboration
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Context Panel
  • Robust Rules and Reporting

Processing and Production

  • Smart Document Handling
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Extensive Format Support
  • Straightforward Pricing

Streamlined Presentation

  • Create Case Outlines
  • Incorporate Evidence
  • Prepare for Depositions
  • Share Seamlessly

Cutting-Edge Review

Craft Beautiful Queries Easily with Visual Search
You don’t need to spend days learning a search language and counting parentheses. Everlaw's intuitive visual search system lets you drag and drop terms to construct complex queries with the click of your mouse—or a touch of your finger.
More Searching, Less Waiting with Instant Search Preview
Our search interface doesn’t even have a Search button. It’s so quick that it shows you results as you’re building your query. Search millions of documents in less than a second, with powerful tools including wildcards, fuzzy and proximity searching, grouping, ranges, and full Boolean support.
Save Precious Time with Optimized Review
Everlaw's review window is designed to save you time by putting exactly what you need—and only what you need—at your fingertips. Use intuitive keyboard shortcuts, view metadata and native documents in-screen, display attachments and email threads, and utilize flexible and elegant tagging, coding, and categorization.
Work from Anywhere with Mobile and Browser Support
Enjoy the benefits of our cloud infrastructure by reviewing or administering from anywhere. Everlaw is accessible from any modern web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 9+. You can also check on case progress or review documents on any iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Intelligent Analysis

Tap Collective Wisdom with Easy Collaboration
Communicate as you work with built-in messaging and collaboration tools. Everlaw lets you store conversations alongside documents, search document notes to find collaborators' comments, share searches and tags with colleagues, and monitor real-time activity on a shared feed.
Stay on Top of the Case with Powerful Analytics
Review shouldn't be a black box. All document updates are visible immediately, so you can use Everlaw’s comprehensive analytics to monitor activity in real-time, identify reviewing trends, and estimate time to completion.
Understand Document Relationships with Context Panel
Stop wondering what you’re missing. Everlaw lets you quickly review and annotate documents that are related to the current document, including its duplicates, related attachments, and email threads. Email threading even works without natives!
Increase Efficiency with Robust Rules and Reporting
That which is measured, improves. Keep track of your reviewers with Everlaw's weekly, monthly, and cumulative reviewer statistics. Ensure high-quality, consistent review with coding rules. Generate custom reports to follow what matters to you.

Cost-Effective Processing and Production

Streamline Your Dataset with Smart Document Handling
With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of electronically stored information, you need a smarter way to process data. Trust Everlaw to reduce the volume by removing duplicates and system files with de-NISTing, and to organize what remains with email threading and OCR.
Cover the Globe with Foreign Language Support
In an increasingly interconnected world, you need to be prepared for foreign language documents in your collection. Everlaw has you covered with full Unicode support, automatic character set detection, and machine translation.
Capture Everything with Extensive Format Support
Regardless of the input, Everlaw will get you the output you need. Convert PST, MSG, EML, standard RFC mail formats, all Microsoft Office file types, and hundreds more into high-fidelity TIFFs or PNGs in color or black and white. Everlaw can produce to Concordance, Summation, and a variety of other formats.
Save Money with Straightforward and Affordable Pricing
Everlaw offers processing and production under a single, affordable fee based on volume. There are no extra fees for Bates stamping, selecting custom metadata fields, or loading into Everlaw's review platform. We’ll even explain the key concepts and help you negotiate your production protocol free of charge. Request a quote.

Streamlined Presentation

Make Your Case with StoryBuilder™ Argument Tools
Litigating a case isn't as simple as dropping a pile of documents on a judge's desk. With the argument building tools in StoryBuilder™, you can move directly from review to crafting a compelling story for your case. Assemble earmarked documents into an annotated case outline, and use built-in collaboration tools to instantly share your outlines with colleagues and experts.
Prepare for Depositions with StoryBuilder™ Depo Tools
Depositions require careful planning. Make the most of your time by moving seamlessly from review to depo prep, drafting your questions and associating documents and notes from the review platform. As with arguments, you can use built-in collaboration tools to instantly share your questions with colleagues and experts.

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State-of-the-art User Interface
Intuitive. Lean. Fast. Our user interface helps you get to where you need to go, then gets out of the way so you can get down to work.
Unified Messaging
One inbox, many options. Keep all of your case communications in one place, quickly chat with other reviewers and administrators, attach anything, and have everything go to your email for backup.
Defensible Security
With Everlaw, you’re in control. Expert folders, user groups, and robust permissioning let you decide who can use what features and perform which actions.
Dedicated Support
Give us a call, send us an email, shoot us a message. We want you to get the most out of Everlaw, and never charge for helping you to use our product or educating you about it.