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Trademark Policy

Last Updated: June 28, 2024

By using the Everlaw trademarks, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that Everlaw is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with Everlaw’s rights in the trademark, including challenging Everlaw’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in the world. The goodwill derived from using any part of an Everlaw trademark exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Everlaw. Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under this Trademark Policy, no other rights of any kind are granted under this Trademark Policy, by implication or otherwise. Everlaw may revoke any rights granted to use Everlaw’s trademarks at any time and at our sole discretion. Upon notice of such revocation, you will immediately stop such use.

References to Everlaw, Inc.

When Everlaw is used to refer to our company, Everlaw, Inc., rather than as a brand of product or services, then the rules for proper usage change slightly. Unlike trademarks, company names are proper nouns; they can be used in the possessive form and do not need to be followed by a generic term. Neither the ™ nor ® symbol should accompany references to Everlaw as a company.

  • What to do: Everlaw is now offering its customers new products.

  • What not to do: Everlaw® is now offering its customers new products.

Proper Usage of Everlaw Trademarks

  • Use Everlaw’s trademark only as an adjective followed by the appropriate generic product or service noun describing the relevant product or service, and never in the plural or possessive form.

    • What to do: I bought the Everlaw Service.

    • What not to do: I bought Everlaw, I bought Everlaw’s services.

  • Properly designate the status of Everlaw’s trademarks by using the correct trademark symbol (® or ™ ) reflecting Everlaw’s ownership of particular marks. Also include an attribution of Everlaw’s trademark in the following format: “______ is a trademark or registered trademark of Everlaw, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries”.

Prohibited Usage of Everlaw Trademarks

  • Do not remove, distort, or alter any element of Everlaw’s trademarks, including modifying an Everlaw trademark (e.g. through hyphenation, combination, or abbreviation).

  • Do not shorten, abbreviate, or create acronyms out of Everlaw trademarks.

  • Do not use Everlaw’s trademarks in any manner that expresses or implies Everlaw has any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval of your product, service, or company, unless specifically authorized by Everlaw.

  • Do not display an Everlaw trademark in a manner that in Everlaw’s sole opinion is misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.

  • Do not display Everlaw trademarks on a site or on material that violates any law or regulation.

  • Do not use Everlaw’s trademarks in false or misleading advertising or marketing materials.

  • Do not adopt marks, logos, slogans, or designs that are confusingly similar to Everlaw’s trademarks.

  • Do not copy or imitate Everlaw’s trade dress, including the look and feel of Everlaw’s web design properties.

  • Do not use or register Everlaw trademarks as or incorporate them in social media account names, profiles, or aliases.

  • Do not register Everlaw trademarks as second or third level domain names.

  • Do not use Everlaw trademarks in a way that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic meaning.

  • Do not use the registration symbol (®) in connection with marks in countries where our marks have not been registered. Trademark rights vary from country to country.

Everlaw Trademarks

  • Everlaw’s trademarks include the following list. The absence of any Everlaw trademark, product name, service name, or any other name from this list does not waive Everlaw’s intellectual property rights.

  • Everlaw

  • Don’t Settle. Win.

  • Storybuilder

  • Discover, Illuminate, Act

  • Everlaw Illuminate

  • Everlaw Summit: Illuminate

  • Everlaw AI

  • Everlaw AI Assistant

  • Everlaw diamond 3
  • Everlaw diamond 2
  • Everlaw Diamond 1

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions regarding this Trademark Policy or become aware of any usage of Everlaw trademarks in violation of this Trademark Policy, please contact or:

Everlaw, Inc.
Attn: Legal
2101 Webster Street, Ste 1500
Oakland, CA 94612
United States
844-EVERLAW (844-383-7529)